Custom guided birding / birdwatching tours for world birders of South eastern Brazil, based out of Rio de Janeiro led by Richard Raby, Expat bi-lingual bird guide of over 20 yrs South American experience

Dedo de Deus - Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro

South-eastern Brazil

South-eastern Brazil, land of grander, beauty and tropical splendour is centred around the old capital city of Rio de Janeiro which lies surrounded by majestic mountains, sun-drenched lowlands & beaches and shallow coastal lagoons (and a somewhat drier and more distant grassland interior). Geographically isolated from the Amazon basin and topographically very diverse, this region represents a recipe ripe for evolving new and interesting species. South-eastern Brazil is the region where over one third of this vast countryís 1700 plus bird species can be found in a relatively small area.

South-eastern Brazil is home to a wealth of visually stunning and colourful species, birds such as the many exquisite Tanagers, diverse Toucans, secretive Cotingas and iridescent Hummingbirds, this region hosts nearly 200 endemics, including such sought-after and range-restricted rarities as the Brazilian Merganser, Three-toed Jacamar, Grey-winged Cotinga, Restinga and Hooded Antwrens, Fork-tailed Tody-tyrant & etc, etc.


Over and above all, South-eastern Brazil harbours a wealth of elusive forest interior endemics, species that can offer a rewarding challenge even just to glimpse; however in conjunction with good knowledge of individual songs and preferred habitats we will be using sophisticated field recording and play-back to lure these species into view.

More exciting still is that Ornithology in South-eastern Brazil is still in its infancy and that new species are being discovered and described every year. Itís a dynamic time for bird-watching in South-eastern Brazil and at a period when regional field-guides are still some time away from being published, local first-hand knowledge received with a resident guide, such as Richard can prove even more important.

Richard Raby Eco-Tours offers you that local expertise and guarantees to get you to the regions birding Hot-Spots, locate the correct habitats and give you the best chances, even with the most secretive of species.

By choosing Richard Raby Eco tours you will help guarantee that you / your group will gain the most from a Birding trip to this region, which remains one of the most fertile world-birding destination.