Custom guided birding / birdwatching tours for world birders of South eastern Brazil, based out of Rio de Janeiro led by Richard Raby, Expat bi-lingual bird guide of over 20 yrs South American experience

Plain parakeet - B. Tirica

Richard Raby Ecotours is the specialist provider of expert-led, tailor made tours to one of the most exciting birding / birdwatching destinations on Earth - South-east Brazil. This incredible region is home to a staggering one-third of Brazilís 1700+ bird species - including 200 endemics alone!

Richard Raby Ecotours guarantees you an unforgettable visit to this world-renowned birding Ďhotspotí and Richard is now expanding his program to cater for larger groups of up to 10 participants. He is now also offering the option of combining Brazilian-Birds with either Brazilian Animals & or Butterflies for those naturalists with a more comprehensive interest.

Why choose Richard Raby Ecotours?

English by birth, but fluent in local language and customs, a tour with Richard is the perfect way to explore this diverse area and its spectacular Birdlife/Wildlife.

Youíll enjoy your own special customer tailored and individually produced Itinerary, only normally encountered by the smallest organised groups, - and at a price that continues to compare very favourably to the mass-market alternatives.

Years of extensive research have given Richard an intimate knowledge of South-east Brazil and its ornithological, insect and animal treasures. His regular expeditions are continually tracking down new locations for the most sought-after and localised birds, animals and butterflies.

Regional guides are still some way from being perfected, so that the local first-hand knowledge offered by Richard is still invaluable in ensuring your visit includes the most productive areas - and that you see your target species. A dazzling fauna & avifauna.

The region is home to a wealth of elusive forest endemics that pose a challenge to even glimpse. Richardís forever expanding knowledge of their habits, songs and calls, coupled with sophisticated field- recorded playback to lure them into view, will give you the best possible chance of seeing them.

Explore the finest wildlife-rich habitat in South-east Brazil under Richardís expert guidance. Be dazzled by the regionís array of exquisite Tanagers and Toucans; be charmed by a host of iridescent Hummingbirds and marvel at secretive Cotingas and Tapaculos.

Richard can also promise you great chances of seeing a number of locally endangered wildlife species, animals such as: Maned Wolf, Giant Anteater and a variety of Marmosets and Monkeys & etc.

Let Richard take you to sought-after and range-restricted endemic rarities such as Red-billed Curassow, Three-toed Jacamar, Restinga and Hooded Antwrens, White-winged & Banded Cotingas, Fork-tailed Tody-tyrant , Spotted Bamboo-wren etc, and much, much more...

Contact Richard

Richard Raby Eco-tours is run from a purpose-built naturalistís lodge, sited in a spectacular lagoon-side setting, a comfortable one-hourís drive along the coast from the Rio de Janeiro international airport. The Marica coastal region offers an excellent few days, waterside, lagoon-edge/reed-bed and low-level jungle watching with which to start, or possibly end, a visit to this exotic part of Brazil.

If you are considering a birding trip to South-east Brazil, or if you wish to combine a trip of birding with Animals or Butterflies,Öplease do not hesitate to get in touch with Richard with your Ďwish listí of requirements and target species. He will be delighted to design a tailor-made itinerary for you and looks forward to meeting you!



Ľ For the time being Richard offers his guiding services annually during the Northern winter months of October to April. In exceptional circumstances and with ample warning, groups may also be accommodated during May and September.